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Dark Market
  • There are many ecommerce websites and most of them are scammers you have to stay alert and most importantly stay Anonymous.

  • That is the black market and the most of the things are illegal.

  • On this websites some are selling Drugs, Weapons, Duplicate dollar, Counterfeit Currency, Credit Cards , Confidential documents, Unlicensed Steroids and many more some of them are so weird they are selling Carrot.

  • If you reveal your identity and place order than you may get trapped. 

One of the famous Dark Market site on dark web was silk road.

  • It was launched in Februay 2011.
  • It was shut down by the FBI in October 2013.
  • Silk Road 2.0 shut down by FBI and Europol on 6th of November 2014.
  • Silk Road 3.0 just went offline in 2017 due to loss of funds.
Payment Methods 
  • All the payments were done with cryptocurrency most of them are done with Bitcoins.
  • The system works like this buyer first of all exchange the currency to BTC and pay the ecommerce site the site keeps the commission  and pays the vendor in BTC and than vendor exchange BTC in currency.

  • So guys #StaySafeStaySecure

 Author: Param Dhagia

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