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Hey Techknow Addicts,

Today I will tell you how to make bootable pendrive  for Kali Linux or any other OS.

So Follow Steps and have it boot in few minutes.


  •    I.            Internet connection.
  • II.            USB Drive (pendrive)[8 or16 GB as per             requirement]
  • III         Working PC or Laptop.
  • IV         Basic Skills.
  • V.           And very Important thing “Brain”(Just Kidding guys)

Step 1:

First of all download Kali Linux’s iso file from here : whichever is compatible with your Laptop or PC’s system.

Step 2 :

Then Download trial verion of PowerISO software from here :

Step 3 :

Then open PowerISO then go to tools and then click on create bootable usb drive.

Step 4 :

Then Following interface will appear then select iso file then select the USB and then click on okay the message will appear that do you want to overwrite click yes and wait for the process and that’s it your USB Drive is Booted successfully.

Step 5 :

Restart your PC or Laptop and as the system starts press F12 or in some cases it is F8 in some it is F2 key so check yours and press for boot menu. Then select USB drive on that menu and Here is your Kali Linux Click on Live and here it is.

Author: Param Dhagia

Thank You for your valuable time 

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