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So Guys very Important News that in this crucial situation whole world is trying to get out of COVID-19 and WHO (World Health Organization) is taking steps regarding it.

And at this moment the Elite Hackers tried to breach WHO’s (World Health Organization) system and tried to get confidential data as you don’t know who are Elite Hacker Check it here: Elite Hacker

Earlier this month there were 2 or Greater cyberattacks were done that was mention by the WHO Chief Information Security Officer Flavio Aggio. He also mentioned that the attack was unsuccessful and also the identity of the hackers is still anonymous.

The first flagged to Reuters by Alexander Urbelis , cyber security expert and a lawyer with the New York based Blackstone Law group which tracks suspicious internet domain registration activity.

Alexander said he notice the activity around March 13 2020 a group of hackers were following malicious site mimicking in the internal email system of WHO.

Messages which were sent to email addresses maintained by the hackers went unreturned.
When asked by Reuters about the incident, the WHO’s Aggio confirmed that the site spotted by Urbelis had been used in an attempt to steal passwords from multiple agency staffers.
“There has been a big increase in targeting of the WHO and other cybersecurity incidents,” Aggio said in a telephone interview. “There are no hard numbers, but such compromise attempts against us and the use of (WHO) impersonations to target others have more than doubled.”
The WHO published an alert last month - available here here - warning that hackers are posing as the agency to steal money and sensitive information from the public.

Credits: Reuters

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