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Today it is critical situation for the world as COVID-19 is spreading all over the world and we all are fighting for this but at this moment Hackers are finding new tricks  to do scams with the method of Social Engineering  into installing malware.

According to the research by Security Firm Checkpoint, Hackers  are making  using  COVID-19   discount coupon to sell malware(malicious software).

As you can see Facebook Hacking tool is for sale ‘COVID-19 15% OFF ’ sold for $300.

Also some of the chrome security bypass tool and fake or stolen items are sold in the same way on Dark Web so #STAYAWARE.

Security Firm Checkpoint has also mention that the instant rise domains related ‘COVID-19’ and ‘CORONA’  6000+ domains are registered and some of them are malicious and some other are suspicious.

Also Phishing URLs are spreading related COVID-19  and stealing credentials so please  #STAYAWARE.

        Author:Param Dhagia

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