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Today Internet plays very important role in our life. You can find each and everything on internet in today. If you are planning to buy a car than you don’t have to visit showroom you can find it online very well as well as you are hungry you just have to pick up your Smartphone and just order your favorite dish but techknow addicts did you know that the internet we all are using is just 4% of whole internet and is known as Surface Web. Actually internet is divided into 3 parts.
  • Surface Web.
  • Deep Web.
  • Dark Web.

Lets understand all 3 parts in a simple and short way.

Surface Web:
  • Surface web means the web you are surfing daily and all are aware of that.
  • It is 4% of Internet.
  •  Surface web is the web to which all can access easily.
  • It includes facebook, google and lots more you are aware of.

Deep Web:

·         Deep web is 90% of the internet basically the website or a link that is not indexed by the search engines(i.e google,bing,yahoo,etc) and is not publicly available .

Dark Web:

  • Dark web is basically a web of which common people are not aware of it.
  • It is 6% of the internet.
  • It require special Browser known as Tor.

  • In dark web all illegal things like drug selling, hire a hacker, etc are there and without any knowledge about it never ever surf dark web I am warning you.
  • Your data can be loss and you can be hacked by someone.

Now How to stay secure on Surface Web
  • So there are many points you should keep in mind before surfing on internet.

Never share your personal details
  • Never ever share your credit or debit card details on any of the site or to anybody or to someone unknown who calls on your mobile and tell you I am from bank your card is going to block so please give card number as well as cvv and the message will be come (that is basically OTP-One Time Password) when you give him that OTP Some amount of money will be deducted from your account as he has done the transaction.
  • This mobile caller fraud is nothing there are many more and intelligent hackers in the world who can bypass the OTP and Transact.
  • Rather than this never share your Aadhar as well as PAN number in India and in other countries never share your Citizen ID with anyone.
Never click on unknown links
  • Never click on unknown links the reason behind it is that the link maybe redirect you to some malicious site or malicious software which can access your device very easily.
  • Be aware anyone can cheat you so never trust anyone and never click on any of the link.
Never share personal details on Social Media
  • Never share  personal details on social media as I said before never share to personal always try to be anonymous.
  • As I said don't share debit or credit card detail or your bank account no.
  • As well as do not share your mobile no. on social media as an Ethical hacker I am telling you to be aware.

Never think you are anonymous on Incognito mode:
  • Incognito mode is basically a window where your search history and cookies are not store but you are not anonymous your IP address is still sent to the site you are visiting and the your telecom operator as well.

Always try to use VPN:
  • Always try to use VPN (Virtual Private Network).As I said try to be anonymous with VPN Incognito mode didn't make you anonymous.
Never login to any Social media By any unknown link(Phishing):
  • Never login to any of your account with the link anyone has shared you on any platform.Those can be phishing links and you may cheated so never fill login details this way.

Many more points has to be covered so stay tuned.
  Author: Param Dhagia

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