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What is DOS Attack?
  •          DOS Attack means Denial Of Service Attack  in this attack attacker sends tons of legitimate data requests to a Web Server  and  due to the flooding of data request the website will slow down and  also in some cases it may crash due to the less Bandwidth of the server.

How many Devices are used for DOS Attack?
  •           In this attack only one device and internet connection is used by the attacker.

  • This attack does not only used on web servers it is also used for many other things like Wifi Jamming, ICMP Flood attack ,RUDY Attack.

Who performs DOS Attack?
  •          Both Black  and  White Hat Hacker performs this attack.
  •          Black Hat Hacker do it for money and also they do it for taking revenge by performing this attack to their enemy and for other profit.
  •        White Hat Hacker also performs this attack but obviously in ethical way they perform this for testing the capacity and bandwidth of the server of the company with their permission.

What is DDOS Attack?

  •     DDOS Attack means Distributed Denial Of Service Attack  in this attack attacker sends tons of legitimate data requests to a Web Server  but not only with one device this attack is done with many devices attacker uses botnets for performing this attack. Botnets are the devices already hacked by the attacker by malware or in any other way. This botnets can be anywhere in the world. So attackers does the same thing which was done in DOS attack but this time there will be more devices.

Why to perform DDOS Attack?

  • DDOS Attack is performed just because of the more capability of servers and though there will be no effect of DOS attack .

Example of DDOS Attack.
  • You have ever notice while visiting your university’s result website on the day of declaration of result it will slow down or may crash in some cases just because the bandwidth of the server is low.

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