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Today I will give some basic definition and explanation about Hacking and give difference between Hacking and Ethical Hacking and also explain types of hackers so stay tune and read the article.

What is Hacking?

  •          To get unauthorized access to any system or a network.

  •          Basically to exploit the vulnerability or a loophole in a system or a network without any permission is known as Hacking.

What is Ethical Hacking?

  •       Basically to find and test the vulnerability or a loophole in a system or a network with permission of the company is known as Ethical Hacking.

#Types  of  Hackers.

Black Hat Hacker.

  •          The one who gets unauthorized access to a system or a network without permission is known as Black hat hacker.
  •         They are the Malicious Hackers.
  •          Their intention is evil and they always do leak your data or else blackmail you and also do scams and steal your money with social engineering.

White Hat Hacker

  •          The one who is employed by a company to find and test vulnerabilities and loopholes of the system or the network of company in known as White Hat Hackers.
  •          They are not malicious.
  •          They have job as pentesters, security analyst etc.

Gray Hat Hacker

  •          The one who break into the system or network without permission but not always they steal data or money sometimes they also report the bug those are known as gray hat hackers.

  •          They are the mixture of black and white hat hackers.

  •          They are sometimes malicious and sometime not malicious.

  •          They are not affiliated with company.

Blue Hat Hacker

  •          The one who is affiliated by a company and is hire for a project or contract base to find and test the vulnerability in the network or system is known as blue hat hacker.

  •          They are not employed by a company.
  •  ·         They are not malicious.

Elite Hackers

  •          The one who finds and exploits vulnerability or a loophole in the system before anyone else do are known as elite hackers.
  •          They might be Black hat or White hat Hackers.
  •          Only 1 in 10,000-15,000 hackers is Elite Hacker.

Green Hat Hackers

  •          They break into systems just for the sake of money and they maybe malicious or may not be but they only work for money are known as Green Hat Hackers.

Red Hat Hackers

  •          They break into systems of other hackers and they are obsessed with their data if they are not able to steal it they just slow down their systems are the Red Hat Hackers.

Script Kiddies

  •          They are the one who do hacking with premade scripts or tools by the professional hackers or developers are known as script kiddies.


  •          They are the newbie in  the field of hacking and trying to learn things about hacking.


  •          They break into systems or a network for the political or a social or a economical reasons they are the cyber terrorists and known as Hacktivists.

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