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  • In today’s time data is very premium content.
  • So actually there is lack of Privacy and Anonymity on Internet.
  • One should know how to maintain anonymity and  privacy.
  • And to maintain it first of all you should know that what is privacy and anonymity.

What is Privacy?

  • Basically Privacy means your identity is known but your activity is not known.
  • So one can know who you are but will not be able to know what you are doing on Internet.
  • For example you are in your room your parents are aware that you are in the room but they don’t know are you doing so it is Privacy.

What is Anonymity?

  • Basically Anonymity means your activity is known but your identity is not known.
  • So one can see what you are doing on internet but will not be able to see that who is doing it means your identity will not be revealed is Anonymity.

  • For Example you start washing car wearing mask so people will be able to know that you are washing car but not be able to know who you are that’s Anonymity.

  • One should be able to maintain their privacy and anonymity.

Author: Param Dhagia
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