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So guys there has been observed a sudden raise in a cyber crime so there are some of the common frauds have been observed.

Mostly they are based on government announcements and subsidies.

So following are some of the Examples of most recent frauds.

Stay Aware from following Frauds.

So there will be such message as you can see there that your  PAYTM KYC has been suspended as mentioned in message actually PAYTM customer care will never call you or message you for KYC.

As you can see there is a fraud message regarding latest government announcement there will be no message by government regarding this.

As you can see Netflix scams also there will be such cases in which they will say that they will give you free membership if you will link your Netflix with your xyz social media account it is nothing else but the phishing link.

Ways to Stay Secure.

So do not trust on random messages that you get.

Always check domain of the site before surfing any future there may be another domain as you can see in the above given pic.

Always check mail id if you get any mail and they say that they are from particular xyz comapany.

As you can see that there is free data scam so guys noting is free in this world stay safe from those links.

Stay safe from apps scams there are many fake apps download only from Playstore or Appstore.

And some basic ways that never share your OTP, Credit/Debit card no, Bank account no.

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