Tech News : Sudden Raise in Cybercrime because of COVID-19 丨TechKnow Addicted

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  •      Whole world is suffering from the pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) but the cybercrimes raise to another level.
  • Cybercriminals using several methods to steal your data.

  • Increase in Phishing ,Ransomeware ,Malware,Registration of malicious Domains and much more.
  • Hackers send such malicious link through email or by SMS or by Whatsapp or by FaceBook or by any other way.

Steps to Stay Secure.

  • Do not open any link without cross checking it may be malicious.
  • Check  the connection of the site which you are accessing if it is not secure do not share any of the credentials.

  • Do not trust all the messages spreading on the social media most of them are the fake ones double check the news before forwarding.
  • Due to COVID-19 pandemic there is increase in the registration of coronavirus related domains.
  • Do not Forward any message on social media without verification or else you will be stuck in problem.

Author: Param Dhagia

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