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What are the phases of Ethical Hacking?

  • There are total 6 phases of Ethical Hacking.
1. Information Gathering.
2. Scanning.
3. Gaining Access.
4. Maintaing Access.
5. Clearing Logs.
6. Reporting. (as we are talking about Ethical Hacking)

Information Gathering

·   Information Gathering is the method of gathering different types of information against the targeted victim or system.

·       It is the first step or the beginning stage of Ethical Hacking, where the penetration testers and hackers (both black hat or white hat) performs this stage. 
  •          This method is also known as footprinting or reconnaissance.

  • Scanning is the second step after information gathering.

  • In Scanning Hacker(both black and white) scans the different target networks and systems and tries to find vulnerability on the base of information he gathered and as soon as he finds it he will go for 3 step Gaining Access.
Gaining Access
  • Gaining Access is the third step or phase of hacking.

  • In this phase hacker (both white and black) tries to exploit the vulnerability with different method and will keep trying until he will not gain access to the system.
Maintaining Access
  • Maintaining Access is the fourth step of hacking .
  • In this phase after gaining access hacker will try to maintain the access by creating backdoors and other stuff so that he can access the system whenever he wants.

  • Maintaining Access is done by both white and black hat hackers.

Clearing Logs
  • Clearing Logs is the last step for black hat hacker but second last step for ethical hacker.

  • In this step hackers clears all the logs and evidence against him so that no one will be able to track him and he will be safe.

  • This the last step for Ethical Hacker.

  • In this steps he reports the vulnerability exploited by him as he was testing company’s system with their permission.

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