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What is Ransomeware?

  • Ransomeware is a type of virus which encrypts your all data and then ask for money through bitcoin so that he cannot be tracked and then he will provide key to decrypt.

  • There was vulnerability in windows 7 which was detected by NSA and Wannacry hacker took advantage of it and created ransomeware.

  • There was no guarantee that after paying the amount he will give you key to decrypt in most of cases they delete the key.

Someone solved the problem accidently.

  • There is a hacker known as Malware Tech who has just open the source code of ransomeware and analyzed it.

  •  He found some conditions such as IF-ELSE so it was like there was a domain if  from that any requests will  be received by the software it will automatically decrypt.

  • So he registered that domain and the data was decrypted from all the PC’s which were affected by it.

  • Although widows have already patched that vulnerability.

  • There was a time period before 2-3 years at that time people all over the world was affected by ransomeware.

  • So this was all about ransomeware attack.

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