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Why to cover Webcam & Microphone?

  • So guys you all may have saw someone who has covered his webcam and mic with tape so you all will be thinking that why he had covered his webcam.
  • So guys according to cyber experts one must have to cover webcams because hacker can break into it and will be easily able to see everything,

Some will say Why to cover my Webcam and mic I am not celebrity.

  • You have to cover it for your privacy and security.

You will never know if they are watching or hearing you or not.

  • Hacker break into your webcam and you will never know it because he will get all access to your webcam so he can turn off the blinker that indicates the status of your webcam.

How will he take advantage of it?

  • In many cases Hacker breaks into webcam and capture screenshots of  victim’s private moments and then start to blackmail  the victim.

  • Some of them are in prison as victim just reported them.

  • Hacker can break into CCTV, webcam, baby monitoring camera, etc.

How to prevent hackers to watch or listen you?

  • Cover your webcam with special webcam cover or else cover it with tape.

  • Only open during video call or whenever you want to use it else cover it.


Author: Param Dhagia

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